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In this clip, Robert Lamoureux of L’Arche Ottawa speaks vividly about his experience living in an institution. Robert, who was born with an intellectual disability, went to live in an institution when he was a child, in the 1940s. This article provides some perspective on why Robert would have been placed in care:

Many thanks to Raphael Amato, Daniela Bara and the L’Arche Ottawa community for their invaluable support in filming Robert’s testimony.


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Our previous messages

An authentic testimony of a woman who, after experiencing abuse, shares the importance of being heard.

While using simple words, this testimony reminds us of the devastating effect of not being heard in our suffering and reflects the urgency to create a culture and build social structures that are more attentive to the experiences of people who are vulnerable or have been weakened by life circumstances.


A short fable in which a person discovers that
it’s not colour or shape that’s important, but what is found inside.

This animated message speaks to issues of racism as well
as all forms of discrimination caused by random judgement.


A message inspired by Jean Vanier’s quotes
on the importance of Listening.

The pathway to a more just, compassionate, and inclusive society
begins and ends with listening.


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Listening to

and amplifying the voices

of marginalized people


Last year, we produced and broadcast four messages as part of a values campaign which sought to update basic human values to contemporary culture using the communication tools of our time.

The common theme of these messages was the importance of listening to people who have been excluded or marginalized, one of L’Arche’s fundamental values.

We propose to focus on amplifying the voices of marginalized people. We believe that it’s not up to us to empower them, yet when they are listened to their voices have power. We have the responsibility to transmit their voices publicly so that their lived experience, ideas, and learning contribute to the process of global social reflection and action for change.

Future messages will highlight testimonies from socially vulnerable people, people with intellectual disabilities or other forms of disabilities or limitations.

A new step forward

We took time to reflect on new challenges and media issues before entering the second phase of our campaign.

One of the major challenges we face in delivering our social media messages is the significant changes Facebook has made to the visibility of its pages. This has dropped drastically due to the choice of new algorithms favouring the distribution of content published by individuals.

Another aspect we need to consider is the standards for how long social media messages are viewed, which are constantly decreasing. On average, Internet users will rarely view more than two minutes of content on YouTube, just over one minute on Facebook and even less on Instagram. We have therefore realigned our communication strategy according to these new parameters.

A lively and diversified presentation

Each message consists of filmed sequences of testimonies enhanced with animation segments to illustrate the intensity of the experience of people marginalized by vulnerability. The multi-style approach is in line with new trends reflecting the diversity of perceptions and cultures to which we are now exposed.

A tribute to people

Each message pays tribute first to the person’s own expression, being respectful of his or her experience. Whether these messages relate a personal story or express a belief, the idea is to highlight and share the richness and diversity of these heartfelt testimonies.

A reminder of our campaign objectives

Together with our outreach partners, this campaign invites us to reassert what is needed to live with difference, create relationships and a sense of belonging, and help each person develop their own gifts and abilities. We seek to raise awareness among the general population of the values and skills that contribute to building more vibrant, diverse and inclusive communities.


This campaign on fundamental values

is an initiative of L’Arche Canada

and is disseminated in partnership with Jean Vanier Association and the following organizations:


Pax Christi International

Talitha Kum – Network Against Trafficking in Persons

ACAT Canada


Canadian Centre for Ecumenism

Community Living Ontario

Catulpa Community Support Services


Centre for Services in Restorative Justice

Association du Québec pour l’intégration sociale

Association des Arches du Québec

Antennes de paix

Réseau Outils de paix

Carrefour Foi et Spiritualité

Carrefour de participation, ressourcement et formation

Centre de formation sociale Marie-Gérin-Lajoie

Office de catéchèse du Québec

Missions des Franciscains

Service intercommunautaire d’animation franciscaine

Asha Niketan Nandi Bazar (India)

Centre culturel chrétien de Montréal

Institut N.-D. du Bon-Conseil de Montréal