You are cordially invited to join a message campaign on fundamental human values. The messages will be disseminated on social media in the form of short videoclips.



Our last message

Our fourth message, still on the theme of listening, comes in the form of an illustrated testimony.

This is an authentic testimony of a woman who, after experiencing abuse, shares the importance of being heard. While using simple words, this testimony reminds us of the devastating effect of not being heard in our suffering. See the excerpts below for an overview.

This testimony is especially relevant in the context of recent public denunciations of abuse. Not only because it speaks of the inner dimension, which is often hidden for people who have been abused, but also because it reflects the urgency to create a culture and build social structures that are more attentive to the experiences of people who are vulnerable or have been weakened by life circumstances.

Our previous message

A short fable in which a person discovers that
it’s not colour or shape that’s important, but what is found inside.

This animated message speaks to issues of racism as well
as all forms of discrimination caused by random judgement.

The message was disseminated on social media by
a group of partner organizations on Wednesday, September 13th.



As a partner organization, you will receive:

  • The opportunity to participate in a collective social media campaign
  • The name of your organization on the list of partners at the end of the message
  • The ability to disseminate the message directly on your social networks
  • The storyboard of each new message
  • The option to suggest new topics and message content

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See our first pilot messages:

A message inspired by Jean Vanier’s quotes
on the importance of Listening.

The pathway to a more just, compassionate, and inclusive society
begins and ends with listening.

Impact of our pilot campaign on Listening:

More than 60250 views, 1400 shares, 800 «Like» and 15700 people reached


Learn More
About the campaign

A partnership-based communication strategy

Objective:  To honour and share the best of human values ​​in our contemporary culture, using the communication tools of our time.

Output:  An awareness-raising campaign presented through a series of thematic yet universal messages, with the aim of reaching a broad audience beyond borders and cultural affiliations.

Approach:  This campaign uses a partnership and a collaborative approach, enabling a number of organizations to participate in a joint campaign without having to pay a fee.

Medium:  Short messages written, illustrated and edited on video intended to be disseminated through social media and on the web in general.

Target groups:  the general public, young people, adults,  the elderly, and all individuals and organizations concerned with social and human dimensions.

Languages:  To begin, English, French and Spanish. The messages can later easily be adapted into other languages.

Dissemination mode:  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, websites, and others, to be explored.


A graphic style beyond cultural identities

We chose to use a graphic approach stripped of cultural or generational references, without distinctive marks of belonging, but sufficiently visually catchy to arouse curiosity. The illustrations are simplified, understandable to all, with a style ranging between the pictogram, graffiti and representations of primitive art. The images seek to evoke an inner dimension, as experienced by the most vulnerable people, rather than seeking to represent external appearances.

Accessibility, lightness and humor

Even though the issues are profound, the tone of the messages remains accessible and light, with touches of humour. The content shows a committed vision, involving an honest look at contemporary society and at the past, without judging or accusing, rather showing solidarity with ongoing social transformation.

The texts and images are integrated dynamically (in “Motion Design”) with sound in the background to make reading the messages more lively and attractive. The entire presentation is simplified and the lettering is easily readable to allow clear viewing on social media and smart phones.